DL Double-Strut Dock Light

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Experience the pinnacle of durability with our widely acclaimed Double-Strut Dock Light, showcasing an industry-leading design renowned for its unparalleled strength and reliability. As a distinguished expert in loading dock lighting solutions, we take pride in offering a product that sets a new standard in the industry, addressing the demands of even the busiest docks.

The innovative double-strut design is the hallmark of our Double-Strut Dock Light, providing exceptional resilience against the rigors of high-traffic loading environments. Engineered for superior strength, this design ensures that the dock light not only meets but exceeds the challenges posed by the most demanding dock operations. Its robust construction empowers it to withstand the constant hustle and bustle of busy docks, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and durable solution.

The Double-Strut Dock Light is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. The double-strut design elevates the product beyond industry norms, making it a standout choice for loading dock professionals who prioritize durability and reliability in their lighting solutions. Illuminate your loading dock with confidence, knowing that you have invested in a double-strut dock light that stands as a beacon of strength and resilience in the dynamic landscape of loading dock operations. Choose the Double-Strut Dock Light for an unparalleled combination of durability and performance, setting the bar for excellence in the double-strut dock light category.

  • Dual strut design is strong enough to support a fan/light combination
  • Durable design and construction reduces maintenance and replacement costs
  • Lamp cover included | UL and cUL Listed | Bulb included unless otherwise noted
  • Many 220/240V models available for international applications
  • Compatible with PL2 and HDL2 light heads using the DL2 Adapter
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
Part Numbers Lamp Type Lamp Head Lamp Length
DL24-HDLED LED Module (included) Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum 24-inch
DL40-HDLED LED Module (included) Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum 40-inch
DL60-HDLED LED Module (included) Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum 60-inch
DL90-HDLED LED Module (included) Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum 90-inch
DL24-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 24-inch
DL40-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 40-inch
DL60-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 60-inch
DL90-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 90-inch
DL114-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 114-inch
DL24-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 24-inch
DL40-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 40-inch
DL60-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 60-inch
DL90-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 90-inch
DL114-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 114-inch
DL24-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 24-inch
DL40-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 40-inch
DL60-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 60-inch
DL90-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 90-inch
DL114-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 114-inch
DL24-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 24-inch
DL40-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 40-inch
DL60-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 60-inch
DL90-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 90-inch
DL114-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 114-inch
DL24* Incandescent Metal 24-inch
DL40* Incandescent Metal 40-inch
DL60* Incandescent Metal 60-inch
DL90* Incandescent Metal 90-inch
DL114* Incandescent Metal 114-inch
DLHPS24-P High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 24-inch
DLHPS40-P High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 40-inch
DLHPS60-P High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 60-inch
DLHPS90-P High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 90-inch
DLHPS24-PFS** High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 24-inch
DLHPS40-PFS** High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 40-inch
DLHPS60-PFS** High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 60-inch
DLHPS90-PFS** High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 90-inch
DL24-HDL2LED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum24-inch
DL40-HDL2LED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum40-inch
DL60-HDL2LED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum60-inch
DL90-HDL2LED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum90-inch
DL114-HDL2LED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum114-inch
DL24-PL2-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate24-inch
DL40-PL2-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate40-inch
DL60-PL2-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate60-inch
DL90-PL2-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate90-inch
DL114-PL2-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate114-inch
DL24-HDL2-SLED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum24-inch
DL40-HDL2-SLED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum40-inch
DL60-HDL2-SLED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum60-inch
DL90-HDL2-SLED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum90-inch
DL114-HDL2-SLED Module (included)Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum114-inch
DL24-PL2-S-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate24-inch
DL40-PL2-S-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate40-inch
DL60-PL2-S-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate60-inch
DL90-PL2-S-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate90-inch
DL114-PL2-S-DL2-ADPTLED Module (included)Polycarbonate114-inch
* Bulb not included.
** Model supplied with clear polycarbonate lens and diffuser for food service and pharmaceutical use.
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DL Series Dock Light Product Information Sheet Download
Loading Dock Lighting Systems Brochure Download
LED Verladeleuchten für Laderampen (Deutsch) Download
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Dock Arm Parts Breakdown Download
Dock Light Installation Sheet (English/French) Download
Dock Light Architectural Drawings Download
Loading Dock Lights with LED Module Installation Instructions (English/French) Download

Special Features

Swing Hinge

Swing Hinge Dock Light Arm

“Swing” dock lights feature a hinge that allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the arm.

Flex Head

Flex Arm Dock Light
Flex dock lights combine the strength of a standard dock light arm with the added flexibility of an impact absorber that bends the head away when bumped by a moving forklift or dock door.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Dock Light
Heavy duty lamp heads are designed for the most demanding environments including wet and damp locations. Their rugged cast aluminum housing includes a shatterproof polycarbonate lens cover.


Fan Only Dock Light

Fans can be used separately or in conjunction with many Tri Lite dock light heads. The high capacity 3-speed fan provides air circulation and cooling throughout the trailer. 18″ fan rated for 3000 cfm.

Loading Dock Light Heads

Heavy Duty Lamp Head (HLED)

Heavy Duty Lamp Head (HLED)
Virtually indestructible! The HDLED has a cast aluminum body designed for the most demanding environments including wet and damp locations.

Metal Lamp Head

Metal Lamp Head
Traditional, powder coated metal light head featuring all steel construction for long life.

Polycarbonate Lamp Head

Polycarbonate Lamp Head
Unique, patented polycarbonate head is rugged and economical, it’s our most popular lamp head!

Arm Type

Single Strut Arm

Single Strut Arm

Single Struct arms are an economical lighting solution for low to mid volume loading docks. The arm features a hinge that allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the arm.

Double Strut Arm

Double Strut Arm
Dual struts give this arm the strength to survive in the busiest and most demanding warehouses. The dual strut design will also support a fan or light/fan combination.
How to Specify Dome Color
How to Pick Dome Color
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