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Why DL2?
Traditional Design
& Traditional Challenges
The Problem: Non-enclosed light modules can become damaged after impacts with door or machinery.
The Problem: Excessively bulky, taking up more space than necessary and can get in the way of forklift traffic.
The Problem: Heavy equipment with no protection can cause injury to operators in case of head-on collision.
The Problem: Outdated aesthetics cause facilities to look "dated".
The Problem: Easy to close in door causing damage to door and dock light.
The Problem: Prone to snagging after multiple encounters with door or trucks.
DL2 Series Solutions
The Future of Dock Lighting
The Solution: All light heads are enclosed and more durable than traditional models. HDL2 is IP66 rated.
The Solution: More compact light heads combined with optimized tubing design takes up less space in highly trafficked areas.
The Solution:Safety bumpers on the end of dock arms and around light heads protect operators from injuries.
The Solution:Modernized aesthetics look sleek and professional and now include yellow safety stripes to alert operators.
The Solution:Patented arm design and bump-stop feature prevents arm from obstructing door.
The Solution: Rectangular tube design is less prone to sagging and can bear more weight compared to square design.
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