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Loading Dock Lights

Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury. Look to Tri Lite for solutions that increase worker safety and efficiency. For over 40 years Tri Lite has set the standard for warehouse dock illumination. All Tri Lite Loading Dock Lights are designed and assembled in the US.

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TopDok LED Systems

New from Tri Lite, TopDok is made for customers who want to supply their own vehicle restraint controls to an improved Stop & Go LED communication system. These red and green lights expand vivid sight-line coverage to the top and sides of a dock door. Choose between a corner light set that is installed.

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Signal / Dock Lights

Tri Lite Guide and Signal Lights help alert truck drivers and loading dock personnel to the safety status of docked or docking trucks, and improve truck drivers depth perception when backing into an open dock. They provide an ideal reference point for drivers to align a truck trailer with the warehouse door.

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Emergency Lighting / Signaling

Quickly add portable lights and signals to temporary shelters, medical centers, and drive-thru testing facilities to help fight COVID-19 in your community. Look to Tri Lite for affordable task lighting solutions wherever you need them most. All Tri Lite Emergency Lighting designed and assembled in the US.

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Warning Lights

Tri Lite offers a wide variety of warning lights including rotating beacons, strobe lights and flashing lights in both AC and DC configurations. Domes are available in red, amber, green, clear, purple and blue.

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MARS "888" Warning Beacons

Tri Lite’s iconic Mars “888” Traffic Breaker is now available with energy-efficient, long-life LEDs. This rugged LED light is offered in addition to the classic halogen version which is widely used today.

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Industrial Tools

Tri Lite offers a variety of drum tools and work lights for industrial, automotive and process industry applications.

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Audio Alarms

Tri Lite mechanical and solid state vehicle back-up alarms and indoor/outdoor sirens are reliable and easy to install. Great for public safety and industrial applications.

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Tri Lite, Inc. manufactures specialty electrical products including loading dock lights, portable task lights, warning lights and beacons.
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Special Features

Swing Hinge

Swing Hinge Dock Light Arm

“Swing” dock lights feature a hinge that allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the arm.

Flex Head

Flex Arm Dock Light
Flex dock lights combine the strength of a standard dock light arm with the added flexibility of an impact absorber that bends the head away when bumped by a moving forklift or dock door.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Dock Light
Heavy duty lamp heads are designed for the most demanding environments including wet and damp locations. Their rugged cast aluminum housing includes a shatterproof polycarbonate lens cover.


Fan Only Dock Light

Fans can be used separately or in conjunction with many Tri Lite dock light heads. The high capacity 3-speed fan provides air circulation and cooling throughout the trailer. 18″ fan rated for 3000 cfm.

Loading Dock Light Heads

Heavy Duty Lamp Head (HLED)

Heavy Duty Lamp Head (HLED)
Virtually indestructible! The HDLED has a cast aluminum body designed for the most demanding environments including wet and damp locations.

Metal Lamp Head

Metal Lamp Head
Traditional, powder coated metal light head featuring all steel construction for long life.

Polycarbonate Lamp Head

Polycarbonate Lamp Head
Unique, patented polycarbonate head is rugged and economical, it’s our most popular lamp head!

Arm Type

Single Strut Arm

Single Strut Arm

Single Struct arms are an economical lighting solution for low to mid volume loading docks. The arm features a hinge that allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the arm.

Double Strut Arm

Dual struts give this arm the strength to survive in the busiest and most demanding warehouses. The dual strut design will also support a fan or light/fan combination.
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