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  • "Stop & Go" Loading Dock Safety Light (SG10)

"Stop & Go" Loading Dock Safety Light (SG10)

The "Stop & Go" Loading Dock Signal Light (SG10) is the most basic and cost effective way to increase dock safety. It's designed for use beside the loading dock door on the outside of the building. A switch and flasher are not included but can be obtained from an electrical contractor or installation professional. The SG10 is most useful in applications where opposing signals are not required.

Key Features

  • Provides immediate and recognizable direction to drivers and loading dock staff, reducing the risk of confusion and error.
  • Can be used anywhere a visual communication system is needed.
  • Available in two colors: safety yellow or black.
  • Polypropylene housing will not rust, pit, dent, or corrode.
  • Choice of incandescent or LED lamps.
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use, IP54.

Note: All incandescent "Stop & Go" lights must flash or the lens will melt. It is not necessary for LED lights to flash.

Part Number Voltage Amps Housing Color Lamp Type
SG10-12RG 12 VDC 2.17 Yellow Incandescent
SG10B-12RG 12 VDC 2.17 Black Incandescent
SG10-12RG-LED 12 VDC 0.07 Yellow LED
SG10B-12RG-LED 12 VDC 0.07 Black LED
SG10-24RG 24 VDC 1.10 Yellow Incandescent
SG10B-24RG 24 VDC 1.10 Black Incandescent
SG10-24RG-LED 24 VDC 0.08 Yellow LED
SG10B-24RG-LED 24 VDC 0.08 Black LED
SG10-115RG 115 VAC 0.21 Yellow Incandescent
SG10B-115RG 115 VAC 0.21 Black Incandescent
SG10-115RG-LED 115 VAC 0.04 Yellow LED
SG10B-115RG-LED 115 VAC 0.04 Black LED
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