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Dock Light Fan Kit

Dock Light Fan Kit

Model FANDL40-P shown. Other models will have slight differences.

Our high capacity 3-speed fan provides air circulation and cooling throughout the loading dock area. Heavy Duty 18" fan rated for 3000 cfm. Each fan is supplied with a "Y" cord that enables the fan to be used separately or in conjunction with any Tri Lite dock light head.

  • High output fan provides a safe, comfortable environment for warehouse workers.
  • Arm mounting allows for adjustable airflow.
  • Durable design and construction reduces maintenance costs.
  • Bulb included unless otherwise noted.
  • UL and cUL Listed.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA.
Part Number Lamp Type Lamp Head Arm Length
FANDL40-HDLED LED Module (included) Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum 40-inch
FANDL60-HDLED LED Module (included) Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum 60-inch
FANDL24-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 24-inch
FANDL40-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 40-inch
FANDL60-ML1 LED Module (included) Metal 60-inch
FANDL24-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 24-inch
FANDL40-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 40-inch
FANDL60-PL1 LED Module (included) Polycarbonate 60-inch
FANDL24-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 24-inch
FANDL40-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 40-inch
FANDL60-PLED PAR38 LED (included) Polycarbonate 60-inch
FANDL24-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 24-inch
FANDL40-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 40-inch
FANDL60-P* Incandescent Polycarbonate 60-inch
FANDL24* Incandescent Metal 24-inch
FANDL40* Incandescent Metal 40-inch
FANDL60* Incandescent Metal 60-inch
FANDLHPS24-P High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 24-inch
FANDLHPS40-P High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 40-inch
FANDLHPS60-P High Pressure Sodium (bulb included) Polycarbonate 60-inch
DLFAN24* Fan Only 24-inch
DLFAN40* Fan Only 40-inch
DLFAN60* Fan Only 60-inch

* Bulb not included.

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