"Stop & Go" Light Set (SG30)

The "Stop & Go" Light Set greatly increases worker safety and is the best visual communication package for most loading docks. The set consists of two light units, the SG10 and SG20, one for the inside of the dock and one for the outside. A six-foot communication cable connects the two units. The set operates with a toggle switch that controls the inside and outside lights. The SG30 can be ordered without the toggle switch (indicated by "NS" in the part number) for installations utilizing a remote switch. Remote switches can be obtained from an electrical contractor or installation professional; they are not offered by Tri Lite.

How the "Stop & Go" Light Set Works

When a truck is parked securely in the loading dock, the inside light is turned green. This indicates to the forklift driver that it is safe to enter the trailer. When the green light is on inside the building, the outside light is red, indicating that the truck should not move. Once the truck is unloaded, the inside light is turned to red. This tells the forklift driver to stay away from the truck. Simultaneously, the outside light is turned green, indicating it is now safe for the truck to pull away.

Key Features

  • A simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to reduce accidents around the loading dock.
  • Available in two colors: safety yellow or black.
  • Polypropylene housing will not rust, pit, dent, or corrode like similar metal units.
  • Provides immediate and recognizable direction to drivers and loading dock staff, reducing the risk of confusion and error.
  • Choice of incandescent or LED lamps.
  • No switch option available for customers who want to supply their own controls.
  • Activated lights flash.

Note: All incandescent "Stop & Go" lights must flash to prevent lens from warping. It is not necessary for LED lights to flash.

Part Number Voltage Amps Housing Color Lamp Type
SG30-12RG 12 VDC 4.34 Yellow Incandescent
SG30-12RG-LED 12 VDC 0.60 Yellow LED (included)
SG30-24RG 24 VDC 2.20 Yellow Incandescent
SG30-24RG-LED 24 VDC 0.60 Yellow LED (included)
SG30-115RG 115 VAC 0.42 Yellow Incandescent
SG30-115RGNS* 115 VAC 0.42 Yellow Incandescent
SG30-115RG-LED 115 VAC 0.06 Yellow LED (included)
SG30-115NS-LED* 115 VAC 0.06 Yellow LED (included)
SG30B-12RG 12 VDC 4.34 Black Incandescent
SG30B-12RG-LED 12 VDC 0.60 Black LED (included)
SG30B-24RG 24 VDC 2.20 Black Incandescent
SG30B-24RG-LED 24 VDC 0.60 Black LED (included)
SG30B-115RG 115 VAC 0.42 Black Incandescent
SG30B-115RG-LED 115 VAC 0.06 Black LED (included)
SG30B-115NS-LED* 115 VAC 0.06 Black LED (included)
SG30P-115RG-LED** 115 VAC 0.06 Yellow LED (included)
SG30BP-115RG-LED** 115 VAC 0.06 Black LED (included)

* Model comes without a toggle switch for installations utilizing a customer-supplied remote switch.

** Model supplied with 3-prong power cord.